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Mancomunidad de Municipios Valle del Guadiato

Casa Rural Doña Benita (Inglés)

Dirección: c/ Real, nº 34

Localidad: Belmez

Pedanía: Doña Rama

Denominación: Rural House Basic (CR/CO/00100)

Teléfonos: 902.011.099 // 691.208.836

Capacidad: Maximum 12 people.

Precios: To consult prices.

The rural house “Doña Benita” is located in the village of Doña Rama (Belmez). It dates from century XIX and it must his name to his last owner who turned this house an establishment in which it was possible to be bought from wine of “pitarra” to buying any type of food, where emphasized products of the Iberian pig and vegetables of her own orchard. Collection point of the zone was well-known by the inlays of Iberian meat that sold of their own slaughter and that cured in the same warehouse. By the nights the great hall that it has turned an unexpected room of verbena for all the villages, greater and young collection point of. In its superior plant has conserved a balcony from where you can see all the down part, balcony from where the greater ones watched the young people who spoke and danced.

Ground floor and garden:
• Two double dormitories.
• A bathroom.
• Kitchen with office.
• Hall.
• Cook-hall (winter).
• Cook-porch (summer).
• Patio.
• Swimming pool.

The plant of the floor above have:
• 3 bathrooms.
• 4 double dormitories.
• 2 halls.

This house has the possibility of renting of independent form an apartment with capacity of 2 to 4 people and which consist of:

• cook-hall (winter).
• cook-porch (summer).
• dormitory.
• bathroom.
• independent hall.

As far as the equipment, the house has:
• refrigerating.
• furnace-microwaves.
• toasting.
• beater.
• cooks electrical to 4 fires.
• extractor.
• dishwasher.
• washing.
• vacuum cleaner.
• irons.
• frying pans.
• chimney.
• barbecue.
• television.
• heating.
• kitchen utensilis and lencería.
• garden furniture.

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Página Web: www.aldealia.com

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